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Healthful Diets Bring Healing to Bodies©

By Harith Salaam-Ronald J. Nicholas, Sr.

Healing with herbs is a very controversial subject.  There are many people who regard healing as antiquated hocus pocus.  If you ask your family physician about herbs, for example, he or she may very well lecture you on the folly of trying to remedy even minor ailments with herb teas or poultices, citing the uncertainties of diagnosis and the shortcoming of the “medicaments.”  Ask a pharmacist and you may get a lecture on impurities of the material and the vagaries of dosages.

On the other hand, you may have read about or heard about or even know someone who claims to have had successful healing experiences with herbs.  They can’t explain how or why they work.  They just work!  These two approaches to healing exist in today’s society, as they have throughout much of history.  One can’t be called rational, the other empirical.

Rationalism is a search for knowledge based on established laws and principles, rather than on what is directly perceived.  Empiricism is a search for knowledge based on practical experience, rather than principles.

In the empirical approach to healing, cured medicines are made using plants, gathered herbs from the meadow and woodlands.  Teas and poultices made from leaves, roots, bark and flowers are administered to cure all manner of ailments.  Folk medicine, practiced by naturopath herbalists, and a great many ordinary folk who make their own remedies with homegrown herbs picked right from the garden.

In the rational approach, the active principles of plants are extracted or chemically duplicated.  This is the orthodox, scientific medicine administered by M.D.’s and pharmacists.

The fundamental principal of true healing consists of the return to natural habits of living. Proper diet is of much more value than medicine in the production and maintenance of good health.  There is today a greater menace to civilization than that of war.  This menace is malnutrition.

We eat too much and most of what we eat is poison to our system.  Half of what we eat keeps us alive, and the other half keeps physicians alive.  As well as eating too much, we do not masticate our food thoroughly.  Since many of our diseases can be traced to improper diet, the cure for these ailments is a correct, well-balanced diet.

A true diet is not based on calories but on the organic and inorganic elements that promote and sustain life.  Many of our most common and serious diseases are caused by wrong habits of eating and drinking, including the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.  This has been proven by numerous scientific experiments in recent years.  When food is absorbed by the body, it will nourish, repair and furnish life force and heat to the body, but if in its preparation and refining the life-giving elements are taken away, it cannot furnish life force, but instead it will clog the normal functions of the body and result in many disorders.

Many diseases are nature’s effort to free our system of poisons that result from wrong habits of eating and drinking.  When we assist nature in expelling impurities and in reestablishing right conditions in the system, we can overcome disease.

The whole nation needs more vitamins, better cooks, more care exercised in the preparation of our food, and smaller hospitals.

The human race has been growing more and more self-indulgent until health is being sacrificed on the altar of appetite.

God gave our first parents food that He designed for the human race to eat.   Only after the world was destroyed by a flood did He give permission to eat flesh foods, since all vegetation was dead, but then only clean animals, as given in the Bible in Leviticus, Chapter 11.  Animal foods are not, however, the most healthful foods for humans.  Recent scientific research and experiments have proven this beyond a doubt.  The diet given to Adam and Eve in Garden of Eden did not include flesh meats.  We should learn how to avoid and overcome sickness by correct eating and living.

Bro. Harith Salaam (Ronald J. Nicholas, Sr.) is a Master Gardener,

Retired Parish/County Agricultural Agent for LSU & Southern University Ag Centers.

Consultant/Asst. Project Director for First Harvest Community Garden Project of Opelousas.

Originally from New Orleans, he lives with his wife in Lafayette, Louisiana.

For more information on sustainable and organic gardens: (337) 281-6224


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  1. Diana Kimble / Feb 26 2011 10:11 pm

    Great information. The food looks good. I am getting the garden ready for spring planting.

    • supremewellness / Feb 27 2011 9:29 am

      Peace Mama Diana, We can’t wait to get out there with you!

  2. Queen Lib / Mar 1 2011 2:38 pm

    This is very peace. Thanks for the post. I look forward to seeing more videos like this :oD

  3. God Shammgod / Oct 29 2014 11:50 am

    Peace enjoyed the conversation and your wisdom. Keep up the good work, our people needs it.

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