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August 9, 2011 / supremewellness

What Is Cancer?


By Knowledge Said Allah, Iridologist & African Traditional Healer

Jumping right into the topic at hand, we will deal with what is Cancer? To the average individual it is a death sentence, a cause for putting ones affairs in order, getting a will or renewing one, preparing for the inevitable. When one is diagnosed with this dis-ease, one is told that he or she has a certain period of time they have to live or that theirs a certain success rate with going under the knife, preparing oneself for butchery/surgery. You are also told that Cancer is not curable, yet they offer you so many “treatment” options which just so happens not to solve, correct, or cure anything. Mind you we will not use the word cure, as it is a word that has become synonymous with the Doctors, the FDA, and other institutions, who have all but a copyright on the word and would like to accuse truth seekers as practicing medicine. I do not have a medical degree nor do I want one, with that said if you have cancer and someone is able to help you recover and heal completely from whatever said condition, would you care if they went to medical school? We both know the answer. I mean after all they rake in billions yearly behind duping people into going to the hospital for “treatment”, cutting a few limbs, removing a few breast, showering you with a little radiation, giving you a little bit of Rockefeller oil refined waste product Chemo therapy, calling you for donations to the American Cancer Society etc. The truth of the matter is, is that America is a Cancer Society. It breeds it, through its pollution, through genetically modified food, junk food and sorry sedentary lifestyles. The stress for many people especially, black and other original people just living the everyday hustle and bustle and dealing with systematic injustices and racism is plenty to create an incubation state for cancer to thrive.

Okay, so the word cancer means crab or creeping sore, hence why some who are born under the astrological sign have the symbol of a crab. It would appear that it creeps up on you almost out of nowhere. There are four types of cancers that all the various names fall under, they are:

  1. Carcinomas – affect glands, skin, organs and mucous membrane skin
  2. Lymphomas – affect lymph gland and fluid
  3. Sarcomas – affect bones, muscles, connective tissue
  4. Leukemia’s – affect blood

Now when the body is in a cancerous state it means that oxygen levels are greatly suppressed and or constricted and you’re in need of water, oxygenated foods. Cancer produces specific cells that grow excessively and bunch up together to form what we know as tumors; sometimes they travel throughout the body via blood and lymph fluid. The cells often venture to other weak organs and reek havoc; most cancers start in the colon. There are terms that the medical industry uses such as Benign and Malignant which they use to classify the behavior of the cells. Malignant they say is bad and needs surgery, chemo, radiation, or is a death sentence depending on which death dealer you speak to. Benign they will tell you is non-threatening, mild, not that bad, or nothing to worry out. Now I don’t know about you but if it ain’t supposed to be there then I don’t want no parts of it. But Cancer, in case you didn’t realized it, is a profit making industry and it rakes in billions. Come on, I know a lot you reading this hear about Shriner hospital or the Any Casey foundation, MD Anderson, American Cancer Society, and all the other B.S. that ask you to donate, contribute, and give to organizations that don’t make good on coming close to a cure. Yet amazingly Sheep-Le needing a Shepherd herd over to there nearest wallets and purse and give freely and get nothing in return except excessive lies.

Alright, listen real good, read this twice if you need to, they have know what eliminates cancer for years, months, and days but getting rid of it does not bring in the money. See the merchants of death need a system of treatment over a long time to trap the think-less and gullible into keep coming back; get it. I really hope your understanding me because what I’m telling you is, that your current conceptualization of a doctor is flawed, and outdated. They are not your friends and most of them, better still majority of them are monsters and those that aren’t either don’t know, or they are teeter tottering on the thin-line between continue their practice or being outed by somebody; much respect to real doctors who actually care, you are rare. That’s right Alice, Welcome to Wonderland! A wonder your still alive. The best doctors are you and nature. Simply put everything they have been telling us is an outright lie. Of course you can heal from cancer and any disease for that matter, anyone who tells you other wise does not know or whats you to be a slave.

When we talk Cancer we are talking about a metabolic disease, which means that are metabolismo is wack, off track, and your immune system is not properly responding. If that’s the case we are saying that it is a nutritional diseased! Whoa, wait a minute, Knowledge are saying, do you mean to say, that cancer, that people with cancer are, brace yourself, Malnutrition-ed??? Yes, Ding, Ding! Somebody tell them what they’ve one; survey says, your life. So whats need to know is what are we lacking nutritionally. Now bear in mind that some environmental factors like asbestos can cause and bring about cancer too, but majority of it is caused by what you eat and even if you contact it from environmental circumstances then you can still get rid of it.

Anyone ever hear of Amygdalin? Well if not let be the first to introduce to this lifesaving nutrient. Amygdaline-B17 or Laetril targets and kills cancerous cells, its like an all out assassination hit on this disease and guess what, its in some of the foods that you probably have at your home and you just don’t know it. Amygdaline is macadamion nuts, bitter alomonds and slightly in almonds, blackeyed peas, chickpeas, loquat seed and leaves, bamboo, peach kernnals, apple seeds, cashews, fava & mung beans, mulberries, elderberries, wild blackberries, millet, buckwheat, wheatgrass, kamut wheatgrass, moringa, sweet potatoes, cassava, African yams, lima beans, green peas, lima beans, eucalyptus, and much more. But the food that flexes the biggest muscle with the this substance is Apricot seed Kernnals!

Apricot seeds contain the highest nutritional density of this substance. They are very bitter and the bitter the better. The rule is that if you have cancer work your way up from 7 to 15 and even 30 or never eat any more seeds then you would eat actual fruit. If you don’t have cancer then 7 a day should be more than enough for you to help prevent it from ever taking hold of your person. It may also be good both if you have cancer or don’t have it, to take pill form of amygdaline-b17. You should also take digestive enzymes like papaya and papaya seeds which contain papain, also bromeline from pineapples or a good vegan/veggie friendly digestive enzyme formula. It is important to eat a good vegan raw food diet with the exception of bee products; nothing cooked. Water is of the utmost importance with this type of self-help journey, at least half your body weight, about a gallon or slightly more depending on your weight. Get plenty of sunshine (unless you have skin cancer, give me a call, you still need sun but theres a certain way you need to approach it), rest, laughter, surronding ones self with positive people and steering clear of negative people.

I know what your wondering, how does it work? Good question, and heres the answer. Okay, when the laetrile compound molecule aquaintences a cancerous cell it breaks it down into 2 molecules of glucose, 1 molecule of hydrogen cyanide and 1 molecule of benzaldehyde. When it was first being tested, laetrile researchers assumed that the hydrogen cyanide molecule was the major cancer cell killing molecule, but it is now known that the benzaldehyde molecule is by far the major reason the cancer cell is killed off. Which brings me to this point people, yes it contains cyanide but as stated it only avails itself at the pressence of a cancerous cell. There are NO FREE HYDROGEN CYANIDE IN LAETRILE PEOPLE, DON’T BELIVE THE HYPE!! Laetrile does have a cyanide radicle but guess what, this worrisome cyanide radicle is in blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries too, but how many folks are dying from an accute overdose of strawberries? None! In fact the reason why you should eat kernals and take B17 on the regular, is because if the B17/leaetrile just so happens to chemically react with the enzyme of non-cancerous cells (rhodanese), before a cancerous cell enzyme (beta-glucosidase), this rhodanese will break apart the laetrile molecule and it will no longer kill a cancer cell. This why you must take enough so you have a good stock pile in your system. Now this stuff, B17 is also good for Sickle Cell Anemia as well. Another by product of consume foods containing B17 is a substance calledThiocyanate, which is anti-sickling. Children should consume about 50mg – 100mg daily, while adults should take 250mg – 500mg daily. And eat plenty of iron rich and oxygen rich foods. Anemia simply means that you need more iron and oxygen. By eating a cultural based diet it will erradicate the disease. Eat plenty of Yams and Cassava, chickpeas, and coconut oils, coconut water, watermelon, palm oil (highest source of Vitamin A). Now if you consume the B17 Capsules (which I would suggested, along with purchasing the below stated) you need to take 500mg capsules 2-4 times daily. Another bonus is that the B17/laetrile produces B12 which is extremly important in the erradication of cancer. B12 prevents anemia which is common in alot of cancers, reduces fatigue, and plays an important role in DNA synthesis which helps the body produce new cells and prevents the growth of abnormal cells.

Even with taking the above you must still detox. If you need assistance with how to do a detox, schedule a consultation from us at Supreme Wellness.

Do the Knowledge, don’t take anything on face value, and don’t become a mindless zombie to the alliopathics nor be a natural health zelot behind anyone either, remember there is more then one way to arrive at the mathematical summation of 7; 1+6, 5+2, 3+4. Willfully this was informative and inspirational to those who might have thought that this disease was a death sentence. Your immune system can conquer any disease. The only thing there is no cure of is death!

With that I leave as greeted,

 In Peace

KNOWLEDGE SAID ALLAH, Iridologist, African Traditional Healer


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