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April 1, 2011 / supremewellness

Sakinah’s Birth Story

On Oct. 22, 2010, a little after midnight on the full moon, I gave birth to my 2nd daughter, Sakinah-Amar.  Her birth was an extra blessing because we gave birth at home, and she was a surprise breech.  YES, she came feet first into Knowledge’s hands. 


started about 4 years ago after the birth of our first daughter Nile NiaMecca.  Our plan was to have our baby at the birthing center with a mid-wife.  Accordingly, we did all our prenatal care and even the childbirth classes there at the birthing center.  I had an exceptional experience with the midwives there, they were personal, engaged and best of all understanding of our wants and needs.  Our plan even before getting pregnant was always for a natural, vaginal birth and for a healthy baby.  Well, Nile came at 36 weeks gestation and we were unable to deliver at the birthing center because of insurance regulations that they could not deliver a baby earlier than 37 weeks.  Just a few days made a difference in me having to transfer to a hospital birth.    I delivered Nile vaginally without an epidural or pitocin.  But the energy of the hospital was horrible, refusing  to let me eat anything (we had to ‘sneek’ in food), drug peddling every chance they got: “You sure you don’t want anything for the pain?”  All I wanted was a closed door and the lights off.  Funny enough my midwife and a nurse (who was also a midwife) delivered my baby, the doctor was late and came in just in time for me to birth the placenta.  I knew that day, that would be the last time I would have birth in that kind of setting.


to my pregnancy with Sakinah, I expressed to Knowledge that this time I wanted a home birth.  Being that he is a naturopath and herbalist, he was down.  So my next goal was to find a midwife.  All the while, I had been reading articles upon articles about birthing naturally, following your instincts, and ‘trusting birth.’  Of course being pregnant for the second time, makes you feel a bit more prepared.  Unfortunately, the midwife that we wanted to do our home birth doesn’t do homebirths and I decided we would take this birth literally into our own hands.

 For my own research I looked up sites about “unassisted childbirth” and “free birthing.”  It’s a shame we have to categorize birth now a day.  I looked up stories about women on the continent of Africa, in South America and all over to compare and contrast birthing practices and ‘norms.’    Then I finally looked into my own blood line, my great-great grand mother was a Mississippi Midwife, my grandmother gave birth to her first 2 children in the home (delivered by my great-great grand mother), and my mother gave birth to all 4 of us in a hospital, vaginally, and she had a midwife with my baby brother.   This was in me.  I could do this.  I spoke to those who had birthed on their own and felt empowered.  This would be another rite of passage.  Not only was birthing naturally at home a test of will, but also a test to see if I would be able to help and assist other women in their journey to natural childbirth. 


Since Knowledge is an “all or nothing” type of guy, he said we should do our pre-natal care ourselves as well.  Being that our home is stocked with African herbal recipes and healing knowledge, I agreed.  We didn’t have a stethoscope, or a scale.  I was not pricked or prodded.  I went to one doctor’s visit for a letter stating that I was pregnant, in case we needed it for the birth certificate.  I had no ultrasound, no monthly weigh-ins.  Now, some of y’all are reading this like “what did y’all do?”  Well, I lived life.  Pregnancy is normal,  being in tune with your body is normal.  Western society and the medical establishment has made doctors gods in many of our eyes.  The truth is, by taking control of our health and well being we become our own divinity. 



For about a week, I had been feeling low cramps and a dropping in my pelvis area.  I knew  the time would be soon.  On October 21st, Knowledge’s birthday, I woke up early, feeling good and took a walk around the apartment building. and had more low cramping.  When Knowledge woke up he started preparations for my enema-a special blend of West African herbs to lubricate the pelvis area and cleanse the colon for childbirth.   After the enema, I showered and soon as I got out the shower I felt a strong contraction, I knew that the baby would be coming soon.  We had bought our birth supplies about a week earlier and I pulled them out on the table so they would be easy to get to.  I made my herbal blend for the sitz bath after birth.  I wanted everything to be ready, because I knew once the actual birth got going, it would be no time.

In the afternoon, after having contractions maybe about 20 minutes apart, we took a walk as a family.  I told my oldest, Nile, that “the baby soon gonna come,” she said, “Momma, I want to help you when the baby come out!”  I smiled and laughed but the contractions were getting stronger and closer together…I had to start holding my husband’s hands alot.  By the evening, we put Nile to bed and Knowledge and I were ‘2-stepping’ through some of the tougher contractions.   I made me a bath to help relax me and ease some of the back pain I was having.  Breathing and meditation were both a real blessing during this time.  I kept telling myself “I trust birth, I trust myself, I can do this.”

After the bath, I put on a gown and I made sure the house was totally picked up.  The contractions were hurting, but when Knowledge checked me with the mirror, he said he didn’t see anything.  I was a little confused, because of how low and strong the contractions were coming, and figured it would be a long night. 


As midnight approached, I told Knowledge to get in the bed and I would stay out on the couch, the contractions were too hurtful for me to lay in bed, at one time, I started to cry.  Then while talking to him, I had a contraction that I literally grunted through and almost fell to my knees…I said it’s time, get the floor ready.  My tub was too small for me to birth there, so we decided a while ago to birth either in the bed room or in the living room area.  Because Nile was resting, we settled on the living room.  The contractions were back to back now, and then I felt the urge to defecate.  I said, the baby is coming, I got to get on the floor.  Instead of tarp, we had a bunch of dollar store garbage bags, we cut and placed on the floor.  I started to squat, but couldn’t hold that position long, it was more comfortable for me to get on my knees.  My body started to push without me–I had to catch up.  Knowledge got some towels.  As I pushed again, I asked, “Do you see anything?” He said, “You’re doing good, just keep pushing!”  I let out 2 more strong pushes, and I immediately felt relieved.  I turned and saw my baby.  Knowledge was so in awe, I had to ask him twice if the baby was breathing because I didn’t hear any crying.  Then she let out a little wine and I was at ease.  We saw that she was a girl and smiled.  I was already in love.  I took her and immediately placed her on the breast to nurse.  Unlike what they show on TV, she was not bloody at all, she had some white film on her and her fingernails had a little blood in them.  Knowledge put a towel and blanket on both of us.  Because we forgot to get floss to tie off the umbilical cord, Knowledge cut a strip off an old college t-shirt.  The placenta took a little while to birth–we called a midwife and a close friend who is a nurse to make sure there wasn’t a problem.  Finally, after about 15 minutes I birthed the placenta.  We checked it to make sure it was whole and bagged it and properly stored it. 

It wasn’t until I overheard Knowledge talking to our close friend TaQueen (a nurse) that I found out Sakinah was breech.  When he got off the phone, He said, “I didn’t want to tell you at the time, because I didn’t want you to be scared.”  When I had asked him did he see anything while I was pushing, first he thought he saw the head, but then that burst–it was the bag of waters.   Then he said he saw little feet.  First Knowledge was a little nervous, but he remembered from “Emergency Childbirth,” that when a baby is breech to let the baby come out as far as the torso (after the navel) and then use a finger to ease the head out if need be.  Sakinah came feet first, then her torso while she turned and pulled her arms down.  When Knowledge moved the umbilical cord out the way with his finger she slipped right on out.

We did our own postpartum care as well, we “guestimate” that Sakinah was between 6-7lbs at birth–we forgot to buy a scale.  And yes, my oldest daughter Nile, slept through the whole birth (smile). 

 On my next post, I will go into detail on diet, prenatal care and postpartum care.




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  1. Dr Rick Nash / Apr 1 2011 9:25 am

    Great story! I loved it as one of my Chiropractic instructors taught home birthing & you hit a HOME RUN!! Dr Rick Nash of Akiiki Family Chiropractic

  2. Your Sister Beautiful SeeAsia / Apr 1 2011 11:37 am

    You know I wanna cry right? No peace yet, I just have to tell you how touched I am. I mean the entire story of innovative child birthing with some supplies there, and some not. Yet! A healthy and gorgeous child naturally made her way through. Oh how special it is isn’t it? To have a loving connected Husband, confidante and a bigger sister there to assist, although Nile was knocked out. She hung in there for as long as she could. This has impacted my respect for you two so much more now. I love you – I love your shawty rock courage & how the God accepts that in you, as he my Libran brother understands the law of people, places and obviously childbirth. Proud of you two.


  3. Debra / Apr 1 2011 2:36 pm

    Eye Am so touched and excited about this “Natural Child Birth”. Eye would really Love to have another baby just to do it the right way this time. Love, Light, and Bliss-full Healing to you and ur Family!! 1Love Sis ;o)

  4. OlaOmi / Apr 1 2011 8:23 pm

    There is nothing more powerful than this! Pure power , the original power…I am so moved….so proud! Yall are an amazing dynamic duo! I send love , ashe and more fiyah to your union!


  5. Dr Toni / Apr 2 2011 10:32 am

    What an amazing journey! This reminds me of Kindred The Family Soul episode on the birth of their sixth child. Here is the video:!

    Can’t wait to read the next part and please develop a video for our young sisters too!!!


  6. Saylove / Apr 3 2011 6:47 am

    Love Love Love Love Love Your Natural Birth!!!! Congratulations!!!! Peace!!!!

  7. tiesha / Apr 5 2011 7:18 pm

    i could hear/read it again and again! considering how much i’m amazed by and like that film _the business of being born_, it’s cool to have friends who’ve experience this…and BREECH, at that!

    and sakinah’s a joy! 😀

  8. Nikki / Apr 13 2011 2:44 pm

    Inspiring birthday, I listened to you on blog radio and love that you stressed nutrition.

    • supremewellness / Apr 13 2011 5:21 pm

      Thank you to all who have left us a message. The babies are the greatest and I am blessed to be chosen to bring that greatness through and help other mothers who are striving to bring healthy babies into the world.

  9. Ahmala / Jun 25 2011 10:20 am

    Love, Peace & Healing

    As I am reading your story, I am saying whooo way to go. Its amazing to hear wonderful births as such. I enjoyed your style and use of African herbs and remedies. Later, I have to share my 3 biths with you. My son, Makai is 5 (turning six July 8th), our daughter, Amore 3 and babygirl Heav’n Ayngel is just about 4 months. All vaginal natural births in a hospital setting (but just the way I like it) Lights dim, essential oils on deck, all the greens, teas and foods I like, nurses doing what I say for the most part. Despite the early delivery at 37 weeks with my last lil star, we received the care we wanted and the nurses, doctors and staff were amazed a the strength of wombman they saw. Each birth, my babies stayed in room with me, nursed and given gr8 energy. No pain during active labor. My son 7.5 hr labor, my 2nd daughter 2 hr labor and last baby 6.5 hr labor. All babies came when they were suppose too. 37 weeks or 41, they come when its time. I will share my birth stories in depth later. Thank you for sharing the birth of Sakinah. You go girl!

    Peace Ahmala EarthBey


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