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January 24, 2011 / supremewellness


  • I’ve had an IRIDOLOGY ASSESSMENT from Brother Knowledge and attempted to do a cleanse, which I failed to do properly but I noticed significant change in my health.  I no longer had excessive sweating from my armpit area and slept much better.  Thank You Supreme Wellness, I look forward to doing another cleanse in the future. ~Andrew P.
  • Whenever I have any questions pertaining to women’s health, I e-mail or call Divine. Divine gave me valuable guidance on cleansing due to some changes I noticed in my menstrual cycle.  I bought their VPSP product and use it regularly.   I’m always pleased with Supreme Wellness wealth of knowledge and willingness to assist in helping others achieve healthy lifestyles.  I will always be a regular customer and I recommend any woman interested in moving towards a more natural lifestyle to get in contact with Supreme Wellness.  ~Amber B.
  • Bro. Knowledge help me with Kidney stones. After being in pain for a week and going to the hospital where they gave me antibiotics and pain pills. I only use half.  Then I went to Bro. Knowledge and got 4 different herbs.   After follow his instructions I was out of pain in 1 day and passed the kidney stones in 7 days without pain. I am doing GREAT now.  If I get sick again, I know who to go see. Thank you Bro. Knowledge  ~Diana Kimble, Farmer, Colfax, LA
  • I was examined by Bro. Knowledge on 1/15/11. His examination revealed that I have parasites, diabetes and heart problems.  I was already aware of these issues and was on prescription drugs for the treatment of heart palpatations and high blood sugar levels. I had consulted with Bro. Knowledge because I am deternined to heal and maintain good health naturally, he started me on a cleanse.  After completion of the cleanse, which was about 14 days, the parasites are gone. I am no longer experiencing discomfort from the presence of parasites and evidence was in my stool… I will definitely continue with these products for healing and maintaining good health and I will recommend these products to others. I am blessed  ~Helene Reese

I love EVERY producted that I have ordered. Sista Divine is very very helpful. She gives great advice.
~Kahsanjra Eje  

  • Peace! I have been taking mamuvita each day for 10 days and, unlike other times, my milk ahs *really* come in and I don’t have a pump or a child big enough to relieve me. I guess my condition has something to do with a deficiency. Either way I have to continue taking it. What are the prices again? Thanks and peace!~Anonymous
  • I laid off meat for a little while I use products from Supreme Wellness talk to the co-owner  Divine Izearth. Her and her Husband are great people to talk too and will def. get your health back on track. I increased my intake of greens and work out. but if you go to their pg Supreme Wellness you will see their products it really works. You should of seen how I look compare to last year It was horrible…Divine (((HUGS))) You dont know how much gratitude I have for you and the guidance you gave me to get back to my over all health. Supreme Wellness is where its at. ~True Story Robinson


  • Listen to Supreme Wellness Radio as Arabia Jewell Shabazz gives her testimony. Click HERE


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  1. ms lewis / Feb 25 2011 12:38 pm

    Can you send me your contact info and location. Thank you

  2. ms lewis / Feb 25 2011 12:41 pm

    I need your phone and location

    • supremewellness / Feb 25 2011 1:56 pm

      Peace Ms. Lewis, we have sent you an email with our contact info. Thank you for chosing Supreme Wellness, for your health and wellness needs.

  3. Mrs. Melissa / Jul 31 2012 4:54 pm

    Please send me your contact info and location as well. I am very interested and just recently know that I have been seeing the wrong naturalists for some years now. Where we’re y’all when I was having my babies?!?! 😉 Either way…I’m so glad I have found you guys now thanks to a referrel from my husband’s work mate, declining health at 31, and no answers from doctors (partial answers from my natural practitioner. Please contact me ASAP as I really need to get in for a consult immediately.

    Kindest Regards,
    Mrs. Melissa

    • Mrs. Melissa / Jul 31 2012 5:00 pm

      Mrs. Melissa
      …I’m so glad I have found you guys now, thanks to a referrel from my husband’s work mate. I now have declining health at 31 and no answers from doctors (partial answers from my natural practitioner)…

    • supremewellness / Jul 31 2012 5:07 pm

      Greetings Mrs. Melissa, contact us at (337) 678-0012, let’s see want we can do working together!

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